Sam and Anna are doing so well in Swimming. I am still so impressed with Crawfish Aquatics and what they can do with children in two weeks.

Anna is into stroke classes and actually will have to be teacher approved for future lessons.

Sam has progressed greatly; he floats and does an underwater froggy type swim. Next summer, he will begin actual strokes. I am putting him in a one week swim class the last week of July as a final lesson before fall.

Since we can swim so long in the year, I find it so important.

I am sad by it all, too. Sam and his best friend, Jake, were/are in the same class right now. Chris is their coach. Jake is not were Sam is swimming-wise. Jake was actually scared yesterday and removed from Chris' class and given individual lessons with a pair of women coaches (he told his mom, later, they were mean)...lol. This saddened me, since just the day before he was jumping off the block to Chris.

Anyway, Kay is going to put Jake in another 2 week session later in July. She is right in that Sam and Jake can't do lessons together right now, since they are not on the same level, but it saddens me. They absolutely love each other. Here is a picture from Halloween. They hold hands (they are still young....) and hugs and roughhouse all the time.

I know they will continue to be buddies, and I will be patient for when they play sports.....

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