Lost a long old post on the Florida trip

So a skinny here....

Where we stayed: http://www.annamaria.com/default.asp?PID=155

check out the link... neat house.

Our room is the one next to the tower stairs, the bath is on the left and you had to walk down a few stairs to get to the sleeping area.

Sam's first flight

He loved it. After the flight he said, 'Thank you, mommy, that was SO fun.'

Anna does not remember any previous flights she has been on. No mater what she tells you! But she had a great time. Her famous quotes, 'when do we blast off' and 'when do they say 3, 2, 1?' I was laughing out loud. My all time favorite from her, while looking out the window, ' it is like we are on a treasure map.'

I will add more beach and graduation pictures later. But this is where the trip began....

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