February 7 - 9, 2011

Last few days....

Sam loves the last of the milk... REALLY! 2/9/11

Do I have Chocolate on my face? 2/8/11

WE love this place! Cocoa with whip for A and without for S. 2/8/11

There are some habits that are hard to break. But, I at least put it on the edge of the sink now, right?! 2/7/11

What a stoves look like when dogs can turn on the burners when the wag their tails. Seriously! 2/7/11


Superbowl to the Green Bay Packers!

Great day for a Super Bowl.

I wore my Saints t-shirt. I didn't drink champagne. Scream happiness to people I didn't know but who were m best friends for the night. I didn't head to the quarter after the game. Run into co-workers in the Old Absinthe Bar later finding out, he was kicked out the absinthe bar for rowdiness). Did stay out until un-Godly hours AND make it into work on time.

Congrats to the Packers. I cheered for the commercials! But, I do love cheese.

Gunnar wants to play with those kids SOOOOOOO bad.

Anna did a great job.


Feb 4 - Superior and Banana Bread Kids taking pictures today

It was crazy at Superior.

Don't look at me mom and don't smile.

Anna and I made Banana Nut Bread... She REALLY did all the work!


Feb 2 and 3

So, the groundhog didn't see his shadow and I am freezing.... where is the spring...

One day the Angel Trumpet might actually bloom.

Loving the flame and hoping the power doesn't go out...