Sam skinnied up

Sam had his tonsils out July 31. He was a remarkably good patient and did bounce back pretty quickly. He sure looks thinner though.....

See how skinny he cheeks look now.....

Sam decided to give a shot of the other cheek, too.....

At least he let you also know his college choice!


Anna is in SECOND GRADE!

When did this happen? I am so stunned. She is getting so tall (I couldn't find the pre-k picture in front of her door for comparison). I hope she will love her new school. Art, music and Spanish are all classes she will be taking and I think she will enjoy. Of course, there is still her favorites to Math and Science.

Of course, we needed a shot of Sam, too! He has slimmed down after his surgery a few weeks ago. Please note, the daily required snack before breakfast!

And finally, of course, a treat to start the year off right. Starbuck's kids hot cocoa with extra whip and chocolate sauce.


LAID OFF, again

Monday! I know, sucks. But I did get a good package. My last day will be August 20, which is a Monday - ODD to say the least.

So, now what? We shall see.....