Lemon Squares!

Let me tell you about my baking fiasco over the weekend. I can bake, you know. And not too badly, I’ll even say. But….

It all began with a desire for lemon squares. I’ve never baked lemon squares. So, I figured great. I will use this box kind I found during my mad Easter Bunny dash to Wal-Mart on Friday. I can cheat on lemon squares, right? I make pancake batter from scratch. My chocolate chip cookies really are better than my mom’s! (ssssh, but, it is true). So, cheating on lemon squares should be fine. WRONG. I’ve never been more food wrong. Well, that isn’t entirely true, but isn’t been a long time since I have been so wrong.

We followed the directions (I followed; no one else will claim this debacle). We followed those directions to a T! They looked fine, smell fine. We dusted them with powdered sugar. We should have realized the bad omen when the top of the powdered sugar thing-y fell off and dumped the contents onto the squares. But, no, we continued blindly on our way to lunch!

Until, we wanted to try some. I asked Anna to cut a slice for me. She tried and tried and tried… and asked for a chisel. Seriously, these babies were stuck in the pan, which I HAD sprayed. We couldn’t get the first square. We soaked the pan overnight and still it was stuck. It is my only 8 x 8 pan. It was my GRANDMOTHER’s pan. Anna pulled out a screwdriver and a hammer to chisel it off – UM, NO, missy!

So, what in the world…. I made tea. I thought perhaps, I’d have to call my mom to help me figure out how to get these nasty things out of my pan. But, this boiling water seemed a good idea. I poured it on top of the square. One spot in the pan began to bubble. It looked like it was breathing. Ew! The glop began to peel away in a nasty sticky looking sheet. So, of course, we mess with the glop for a bit, but the trauma of the lemon squares has propelled us to determine to find the perfect recipe. We have a few to try already. Wish us luck.