Some new family pictures from early November


Well, Thanksgiving left us with much to be thankful for.

A great dinner in Jena with the Huffman group, aka at The Willis'. Everyone of import was there. We had a wonderful visit. We even got to see Patrick, Danielle and the boys. I simply can not believe how big Paxton is getting. And Carson, he is simply adorable.

We had a shortened visit to the Cole's this year (aka The Paul's). Aunt Paula is recovering from her early Turkey Day Hospital Trip with pneumonia. She returned home Friday afternoon with strict bedrest orders.

Shortened for Sam and his injury. There was an accident with Sadie and Sam's face. Here is a rough picture

No stitches. Lots of antibiotics and vitamin E Oil.


First Annual LSMSA Halloween Party - LA

October 2007


Gifties onsite!


Anna as Cinderella

Sam and Michael

JC sampling the Jambalaya - yummy!


Joseph (aka JoeB), Theresa, Lori Lincoln, Angela and Darrel Long