Am I ready


I so need this weekend. I have so many pages planned for my scrapbook weekend, my fingers are crossed for focused scrapping. We shall see.

Dixon may be taking the kids to his mom's to pick corn. I hope they go. I'd love to have the freezer full. Fresh grilled.....yummy.

My week... crazy. Tons to do at work and then had to leave early twice to pick up Anna and the boys (Sam and Jake) for swim lessons. Swim lessons are running for two weeks. Week one - DONE.

Anna is doing well. Working on her diving, freestyle, back stroke and just starting breast stroke. She is loving it. Her new thing is want to do swim team. Perhaps next summer we can try Gonzales' Team. Sam and Jake are both working very hard on hold their breath and basic survival strokes. Sam is doing a bit better, but that is easily do to his weekend swims at Mack's.
I will get pictures of all that next week......

Sigh, off to drink my tea and sleep to prep for scrap!

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