Dream Bed

I love to sleep – naps are the reason for a weekend. I would love to live in the land of siestas. I would love a short nap each day. I KNOW I would perform better in the afternoon slump.

But, back to the bed. I have very specific things I want in a great bed.

1) If I could have FRESH sheets everyday. There is something about slipping into bed, fresh from a shower, into a cool set of soft sheets….. we are so spoiled to over 300 thread count. There is simply no going back on that.
2) Pillows, I have three, I have one body pillow and two others. One of those a down pillow. I will not sleep well without all 3 and very poorly without the down.
3) The comforter, there is something to be said about the ‘weight’ a good comforter adds to sheets. I like a light weight down comforter the most. Makes you feel cocooned and that is what it is all about for me.
4) The bed itself most be moderately soft, yet, firm and king sized. AH!

I definitely have very strong bed feelings. I also like my own sleep space. I am not a snuggly sleeper…..don’t get me wrong, I love the snuggle, just can’t sleep there.

For example, I love ‘baby warm,’ which is the warmth of my children when they get up in the morning. But, I tell you now, there is NO way I could sleep with them on me.

So, thanks Sunday Scribblings. I am still not ready to link to you, but know I appreciate you.

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