Home again

Amazing what sleeping in your own bed can do for an attitude adjustment. Don't get me wrong, I am still exhausted but I am better simply for having my own bed, pillows, sheets, etc.....

The trip was wonderful. I will post pictures and trip notes soon.

Yawn! Is all I can say now.


Forgot my Visigoth sighting at the Mall

a couple of weeks ago, marketing (Stacy, Tiffany, Angela.... and I) went to the mall to see the Capital One Visigoths (vikings).....

Aren't they 'loverly'......

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Queue music. anna is so excited that we get on a plane today. The beach part of the trip is secondary to her. For Sam, beach is number one!

We shall see how SouthWest handles all of us! I sure hope they let us board early with the babies. Sam is still little, right?

Photo storage

In trying to get myself organized, I am arguing with myself. Are simple boxes enough? I really want the draw photo keepers.

But for now, I will use the phot boxes I have from Lillian Vernon and Stampin' Up

Checkout the messy scrap table. It WAS clean before all this photo organizing stuff. Anyway... one step closer. These pictures are in order, as much as possible.

I have even started on the digital. Man, that will take some time.


How does it happen

You plan for a nice, busy, yet realxed day at home and you end up running the roads and crazy.

Today is the perfect example. Aside from my rise and shine at 6:30 from Sam, I was looking forward to a laundry and set aside clothes for packing day. Opps! Forgot the recital. Well, ok, that won't take too long right...................

Oh but no, but I step ahead. Anna broke a dining room chair.... how, you may ask. I think they are simply old and now prone to colapse. So, we thought to leave Sam with ABJ a bit early and shop.

We did just that, dropping him at 11:30, thanks again BJ.

Target had a VERY similar one:

So happy day in that department. Of course, they only had 2 and not the 4 we need, but a start none the less.

So off to the recital, traffic a serious mess. Long way around, probably saved us some time. Emily and Erin did wonderful but still didn't get back to the house until 5. Sam was swimming. So, Anna wanted to as well.

Yawn.... piles of clothes on the bed. Will work on that soon.



Interesting site I found today called the Sunday Scribblings, I may try this and then give them my posts that way, I can get the feel before putting it all out there.

I love being barefoot... Really, give me some comfy cotton socks and I am fine. But shoes, that is tougher for me. I am NOT a high heel person. Maybe it is because I am tall and my husband is short (not so much short but not tall either, KWIM). I mean, I wore keds to my wedding. We glued cute little half pearls on it to dress them up, but still keds. Comfy white and short.

Other my favorite shoes of the past and why:

My old corduroy shoes from high school: silly really but my boyfriend at the time loved them. Basically, keds that were cords.

Flip flops.... Goes without saying doesn't it. We are a flip flop family. All of us wear them.

Crocs, I like them. I haven't bought them for myself, but Aunt Bobbie gave me the pair I have... comfy is the word!

But then, for me, comfort is the word for shoes. I went on a business trip Wednesday and brought flip flops and some dressier shoes. The girl I traveled with brought flat and then pumps that hurt her feet. She put those pumps on and wore them during the meeting. I mean really, who looks under the table to see what shoes you are wearing. I know, what you are thinking, women can and do. But, that is simply not me. I am more casual than once I supposed.

Give me comfort and those are great shoes.


Testing, testing, testing

Not sure how all this works yet... let me play.

I hope that I can become a bit more adept at all of this so that I can share pictures and scrappages with the mommies et al.

We shall see.


A start

Such a start is never pretty. An attempt to put together something useful and practical could be the end of my attempts.

Not sure what all I want to do with such a website. I do want to load some pictures and all from scrap and the kids and well, everyday.

We shall see. I would like something easy so that I can put stuff up and show all of my friends.

I mean really shouldn't I be able to keep up with such a thing? I am a reasonably intelligent person, I should be able to post and create.