Indy - we miss you

It has been well over a month now, that our pup, Indigo was killed. We still call him and listen for his barking excitement upon our arival home. He was a good, if not, attatched dog and we will miss him. Plug!

Always there to lean on, to love on, to snuggle into.....

You were always willing to share your space. You would scoot until you had barely a spot, but you'd stay near and simply be.... Indy

You were our first 'child' who loved stuffed animals and slept with them, snuggled on them, and enjoyed your 'babies'

So sweet, so loving, so LOUD! But, always willing and friendly, too friendly for some. Miss the plug and the excitement you had about any and everything.

You were our special pup, our rescued pup; we will miss you.


Gifts from Buddy

Anna and Sam have a great cousin, Buddy, the Golden Retriever. He lives in Japan with Uncle Tom and Aunt Deb. He sends cards and presetns adn loves them very much. We got a new package today. How that dog knows things, I've no idea. Anna got a great St. Patrick's headband and Sam got a leprechaun hat. Anna was ready to go and play, but mean mom made her pose.

This was all I got, but still she looks cute.

Ham-boy loves his hat. He will always smile for the camera, well, most always.

Then we jump into crazy Sam. And silly man, who wants to see each shot as it comes out and if he doesn't enjoy the shot, poses again and again.

and again and again.....

Thanks Buddy, we will have fun with these treats!


LOCKS OF LOVE 2/21/2007

Anna finally did it. Now there were regrets afterwars, but she was very brave.

We were just going to get Sam a cut and hers measured.

She hopped up in the chair to have it measured and Ms. Kasey said it was long enough and we could do it anytime. Anna asked to do it and Ms Kasey did have the time.

She had just enough time to chop the hair and even straighten it for us before her last client of the day.

Don't you think it turned out cute!!!

I am so proud of her. I love it short but miss the length, too. I knwo it will grow again. Daddy said it was a bit short. I think with the cut it will grow quickly and get to a nice length soon. It looks so heathy and THICK!


Spanish Town parade was Saturday, February 17 in downtown Baton Rouge.

Sam was not too sure about the whoel thing until he caught his first set of beads. prior to this famous catch, he didn't want to receive from anyone or pick them up off the ground. But, after that catch, he was much cooler about receiving, catching and even sharing.

I love these glasses, I think we have lost them already but they were so darn cute. Of course, prissy A would have no smiles for me with them on... brat!

This is the smile I was searching for. There was fun and happiness had by all. In what began as a cold and overcast morning, Saturday turned out to be a perfect parade day.

We really did have a great time with many throws caught, shared and hoarded. Daddy didn't make it. He was still a bit tired from his busy week last week. Me missed him but were happy to let him take a nap, too.

Happy Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras!


Krewe of Mutts

Cane II - He was the Grandmaster of the Krewe

A rescue bassett

Pretty Rott

don't know why but the little guy loved me

His name is Indy and he is ONLY 18 months old

There were amazing number of small pups

dapple daschunds

Happy pup


Photography challenge

Gaining perspective.

Challenge: to grab your camera and gain a new perspective!! We all tend to take pictures straight on, from our eye level. Now's the time to grab a chair and get a bird's eye view or lay on the floor and see what the world looks like for a baby just learning to crawl. You can also use perspective to dramatically show something's size. Shoot from below to accentuate an object's height or peer from high above to emphasize it's smallness. This challenge is gonna require you to move around...a lot! Crouching, kneeling, climbing...are you ready? Ok then, go get your camera and show us what you can do with it!!

I love pictures. Here are a few of mine for the challenge.

Sam: love the tongue with sound....

Then he decides to 'help'

We followed up with a visit to a party Anna was having in the play room

This is from today. Sam and I picked Anna up from her sleepover and visited 'OUR" favorite place: STARBUCKS.


A, B, C's tagged from Kay

A - Available or taken: Taken - In my 11th year of marriage to Dixon
B - Best friend: several, Dixon, Nicole and Lisa,
C - Cake or pie: Cake - German Chocolate or chocolare daubaush
D - Drink of choice: Margarita - top shelf, frozen, no salt
E- Essential item you use everyday: Blackberry, deod
F - Favorite color: green
G - Gummy bears or worms: bears
H - Hometown: military brat - so everywhere else!
I - Indulgence: chocolate, massage
J- January or February: February - it's a little closer to football season, and sometimes, it has Mardi Gras
K - Kids & names: Anna - 6 and Sam - 4
L- Life is incomplete without: my family
M - Marriage date: Oct 12, 1996
N- Number of siblings: 3 half sisters, 3 step brothers, 6 step sisters
O - Oranges or apples: Gala apples or granny smiths
P - Phobias or fears: drowning
Q - Fave quote: so many.... Carpe Diem
R - Reason to smile: Anna and Sam
S- Season: Spring
T - Tag 3 people: All of you
U - Unknown fact about me: If I told you, then it wouldn't be unknown. I'm mysterious that way. (stolen straight from Kay)
V - Vegetable you don't like: Beets, turnip greens
X – X-rays: Teeth, back and neck
Y - Your fave food: chocolate, seafood
Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer