New job and what?

So, you take a new job and you are looking forward to it. Difficult adjustment and then in trying to assimilate into the borg-type world, you hit a speed bump.... what in the world.

Focusing on the end picture... what we desire....


Organized and mess

Why is it when you are trying to become more organized you create a huge pile of crap that sits there.....

I am talking piles!

I decided to organize my closet, which of course, means I needed to rearrange my drawers. So, now there are two piles. I will get to them, I have to but dang, people! I need a professional.

I pulled out the Julie Morgenstern book and checked out the book on tpe: Organizing for the Inside Out...that could help right?

I'll let you know!


Weekend of scrap work

I just started my LSS university and have my homework from over the weekend.

There is a big ole blank on the right of the first set.... that is where a picture from Nicole should live... she is SUPPOSED to send it!

I just love the fact that UCM is near us. He so adores the kids and spoils them often. I realized doing this, I don't have many pictures of him and the kids. Will have to fix that.

Messy for me, but trying to work out of my box. I have a page for Sam but it is not ready yet!

Sam and his women

On the last weekend of water sliding, Sam, his 'wife', Erin and his new woman, Trinity (on his right) hung out a bit at the base of the slide. I am not sure but I think he enjoyed himself a great deal. I also think we may be in trouble!