Altered Clipboard

Wow, I am so excited about the Stacy Jullian class.... and she sent me a cool clipboard to alter. I have never attempted such a thing.

front side


What do you think?

I am so looking forward to the class....

read this description:

In this 12-week course, Stacy will walk you through the process of setting up and using A Library of Memories. From selecting and purchasing the organizational products that suit your needs, to corralling years of photos into a usable system, to creating meaningful layouts that feature your pictures in a whole new way, Stacy will help you create a system customized for you. Stacy's goal is simple:"I want to put the fun back into scrapbooking - let's forget the guilt and connect to our true potential as memory makers and story tellers. When that happens, everything else falls into place."

if I simply get my head into this, I will help myself and my scrapping get to a new level... Perhaps accomplishing something. I have done so many pages and have so much stuff, but to use it and archive it all wisely - how cool! I love the idea of her Library of Memories. Not a Sam album and an Anna album, but a Who We Are album and Where we have been... etc.

I am looking forward to the knowledge and seeing what others taking the class can teach me.


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