Meet Emmett - just a little guy

This is Emmett Kelly, my folks new Harlequin Great Dane. Their older pup, Titus, passed away two weeks ago. Luckily, the kids and I were visiting. It was a sad time. Mom always wanted a Harlequin. So, I checked the paper yesterday and one Great Dane was available. And here we have him - Emmet

Mom will be coming to get him early this week. He is a bit of a pup still, only 10 months old. He weighs in at 120 lbs. I would guess he will grow a bit more and gain another 30 or 40 lbs.

Check out this sweet face. Doesn't he just make you smile.

He was so well behaved in the car. Ok, I will admit, he drank some of my hot chocolate. Sweet tooth! opps!

He scared the heck out of our cousin, Lyn. The look on her face when she walked in the door was pure horror. Poor Lyn, she came over to watch the kids for a bit. Ben was in town and we all (and Kat) went to the Chimes East for dinner.

Ellie is only 70 lbs. I always think of her as a big dog. Poor El, she has been a great hostess dog. I know she will be happy to see Emmett go. She knows where to hang out when she wants a break from a rambunctious puppy. She will hide under the dining room table, where Emmett can't go.

But, Emmett is a Southern dog. A South Louisiana dog, he loves Abita, of course. Good Boy!

But, this experience has told me that we aren't ready for our next dog. I still miss Indy, but we just don't have the room. I think we will wait until we move.


July 7, 2007

A giggle or more first:


Well, I am already married, so I missed that luckiness.....

Some neat news on 7/7/xx in history:
1846 US annexes California Yeah for wine and veggies

1898 US annexes Hawaii I have my fresh pineapple ready to cut

1948 Cleveland Indians sign Leroy "Satchel" Paige Cool beans and he was cool

1965 Otis Redding records "Respect"
What you want
Honey you've got it
And what you need
Baby you've got it

1973 Glenda Reiser (Canada) sets record women's mile (4:34.9)dang, that is FAST

Some Biblical info:
“In the Bible, numerology provided a very simple and clear way to indicate perfection. The seven-ness of the angels, trumpets and bowls in Revelation expresses the heavenly perfection behind all the fire and brimstone occurring on earth, as much as the seven days of creation indicate the perfection of the world around us. In the time of the finalization of the Jewish Bible, the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet became also linked to these Jewish concepts of perfection. So the ‘superstitions’ around seven are all good ones,” he says.