I signed up for ANOTHER Big Picture Scrapbook online course (Product Playground, by Lisa Damrosch). I really think it will actual help in my Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class (LOM), which is kicking my proverbial butt.

I am almost ready for my weekend Cropping Marathon, I hope to finish not only the April book but many additional pages and layouts. I have to do my Things We Do/Why pages for LOM. I won't have access to my first assignment for Product Playground during the weekend, so I will have to see what is up there Sunday when I get home.

I am so ready to scrap again, but I need to work on my photos still. Most are in chronological order but I want to put them in books. I am waiting until after this weekend, b/c I have pulled some I think I will scrap or may scrap if time.

I know I have a huge goal set for me. April itself will be 31 2-page spreads, granted mostly complete, I need to do the photos, which are in day order, yeah me, and the journalling, which is complete just going through an adding some exbellishments, if and where needed.

Then an easy assignment for me - Anna art. I think about 10 2-page spreads, but really slapping the art on a page and putting title and date, if available!

Wish me luck!

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Kay said...

Luck and Venti triple lattes!