Mom, I love you - cont.

From last night:

s: Mom, you posted it! Ugh, how am I supposed to be all tough when you show that.
a: the soft and squishy side?
me: Hush!
a: he is squishy!
s: mom, it's ok for me to have a squishy side?
me: yes, love, please never lose it.

How can he not be a sweetheart? He's got many moms dibbing him for their daughters.

What I deal with:
My kids are such sibs: they fight ALL the time, 'hate' each other, wish they were only chidlren (well, that is the older more than the younger), and would bet up anyone who said or did the same things against their brother/sister. I think that this may be true sign of love for pre-teen angst-ed kids, love to hate and never admit to love.

I make them hug each other. Best punishment ever. And privileges are ALL revoked until hugs are completed, WITH FEELING!


Mom, I love you

‎'Mom, I love you.'

Best 4 words! Sam held my hands during the funeral, whispered those 4 over his shoulder and then leaned back and added 'always.'

These words were uttered to me yesterday at the funeral of my infant cousin, Slayed Hayes Cole. My children attended their first funeral. I wasn't sure how'd they do, and they impressed me. It was not an easy day. 5 hours of driving with a funeral, 2 cemeteries (we visited the graveside for Slayed, Papa and Grandma's graves are at the same cemetery. On our way out we stopped at the kids paternal grandfather's grave and maternal great-grandparent's graves, as well).

I posted it on facebook and some responses are the words I wanted:

Joanne C: All the money in the world couldn't buy you a gift as good as that.

Adam R: It's a fine young man that can tell his mama that he loves her.

Melinda G: Has any momma put "dibs" on Sam for their daughter? If not, put my name at the top if the list for Becca!

Kimberly W: He's a sweety Shannon. You're so blessed!

I am.