Little Black dress

Why do we wear them? We like the feeling of sexy, not so sweet, alluring, and attractive. We like to feel desired, wanted, loved and well, 'Marilyn!'


I am sadly behind in posts, must be the age. I just had my 20th high school reunion.

Having attended Louisiana School of Math, Science and the Arts, TWENTY years ago.

The Suite! Judy Devalcourt, Laurie Brezin, Nicole, Candi Rowe and Shannon

Oddly, some of the best fun was with folks who I didn't go to school with. AJ and Lori Lincoln are a wonderful couple. Now Nicole, my old roommate is always wonderful to see.

Dixon and I both love Mark Johnson. Can't help to admit that perhaps for different reasons. Mark was our craziest traveler, riding his HOG from KY all the way through to Natchitoches.

I never took Weight Training, but Barbara B and Donna P, both earned the admiration of many a guy. ;)