Happy Memorial Day

Always a sad day, but a celebration of the lives of so many heroes. Thank you to all who have made the world I live in free. Thank you to all the selfless people who continue to volunteer to protect those who argue against them. Having lived in another country, I have seen and know what other rulers and governments dictate to their people. I will drive into town today and not worry about a roadside bomb or sniper fire and be ableto buy pretty much anything I'd like for that I remember. Thank you again for all the sacrifices made yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Cindy and Glenn stay safe on your tours. You are in our prayers.


OMG! 20 Years! LSMSA - thanks for the memories

Well, here you have it, the horrible and honest proof of my 'old' age. MY SENIORS' 20 year reunion. I can't beleive it. I vividly remember arguing with Sterling, moving to Caddo hall (including getting a new roommate - Kimmie), dances at the NSU gym on the hill and history classes with Dr. Findley. Where have the last 20 years gone?

Nicole, Kathleen and I drove up in the 'Stang with the top down. We drove all the back roads and took our time. Lea's still has great pie! We drove around most of the weekend with the top down and froze often. I, of course, got the first sunburn of the summer.

Nicole and Jay. I wish we had taken more pictures. I hope someone will share theirs! Like JAY! So, except for a few extra pounds and a lifetime of growing up; we haven't changed a bit. Have We?

Charles and Cecilia Ottenweller. This woman would have fit into our school so well. Of course, I wouldn't have known her, since she is a tiny-bit older than me. But, truly amazing and an inspiration. I hope to know her better over time. Her strength is amazing, as of course, is her sweet husband. Who, FYI is still wonderful and has an awesome smile!

I actually spent most of my time with Cecilia and we had a lovely chat. We drove around Natchitoches and I gave her the mini low-down of places and things. Honest thought, nothing too bad. Honest ;-)

Sterling and Kris (I hope that is the correct spelling) and I. How wonderful to see Strel. We only had one small fight. I know, will wonders never cease. But, thanks again Sterling for lunch! He even wore THE RING. DoesenPlus1 would all be smiling. In fact, Shane Anderson was there, but I've no photographic evidence. We were all just enjoying the moments too much to think of such things.

I missed the sexy Rockette picture, but this is still cute. Jay Prince, Charles, Nicole, Kathleen (honorary LSMSA student), and Edward Dodge. It took forever to say good-bye. I know, I for one hope it will no0t be another 20 years before we see everyone again.

As always the off kilter shot. This, the most appropriate, shot of the weekend was the final picture from my camera. Thanks Cecilia, you are a great photographer.


Mike V - Rest in Peace

LSU lost its mascot on Friday, May 18. Mike the Tiger was 17.
I recall the day he was paraded around Mike IV, before being installed as the new Mascot. Mike IV was retired to luxury at the Baton Rouge Zoo.

I have not told the kids yet, since I am not sure how to tell Sam his 'Michael Tiger' is gone. I will take them up to the celebration when Mike VI joins the ranks as our new Mike. But he will never be 'our Michael Tiger.'

Mike V, thank you for your voice in the quiet and the hush. You announced our presence and our persistence against any foe. Your strength and beauty inspired us all and instilled in our 'enemies' fear of our prowess. I will miss your roar, yet, I know you are near. Thank you.