First Love

I am still trying to get the hang of write and using those Sunday Scribblings as a primer and a kick in the pants that I need.

BUT, then this weeks topic is first love.

So, where can I go from here. The first boy I loved or the first thing I remember loving be it chocolate or my Pooh bear.

For me the first love of my life was my Pooh. He was the usual Pooh you got in the 70's.

He was about 6 inches tall with the red shirt with the POOH ironed on to the felt. He was my constant bedtime companion and my when I was in trouble commiserator. I never thought about the fact that Santa brought me a new one each year and the old miraculously disappeared until Sam became VERY attached to his 'puppy', a gift from Aunts' Lindsey and Ashley. A Huggypup Baby Ty....

So, really, I guess my first love was more fickle than I imagined, just a passing love that lasted a mere 365 days and then was replaced by another. Sad really to think that love can simply be removed and replaced with another 'better' 'newer' model. But, really isn't that what happens? I have so many favorite movies and songs. I luv this and I luv that. Is it the word 'love' that is fickle or me. I think perhaps me. My culture has permitted it to be. Similar to I 'hate' this and that. Such a strong word, I know because I am trying to get Anna to stop using it so often and meanly as she does.

The reality is that I think love and hate are too important to use in the flippant fashion that we use them. They are stronger than like and dislike.

So maybe, more simply my first love is chocolate. How can I go wrong there? Nothing to strong in that! All true, I do love chocolate. Hot, cold, in a cookie, plain, frozen, mixed, but without nuts please!

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