Ok, so I love to take pictures. It is a known fact. I even like to show people how they turn out. Our local cool mag - 225 has a photo contest going on. Amateurs could send in 3 of their favorite pictures taken in 2008 in the 225 area code. I had a heck of a time picking which pictures to include. The 3 finalists I submitted are:

Sam at the Spanish Town parade in February! Yes, it is warm enough to wear short sleeves.....

Fishing at the Boykins. Thank goodness Mack has a pond. The trauma that occurred that day is not shown here. Anna actually hooked a fish, but then we couldn't unhook him. 20 very long minutes trying to find daddy to help us release the little guy.

This may be my current favorite picture. Anna at the Brunson's Wedding. She is watching Audrey dance with Uncle Larry and Latham dance with his mom, Ms. Donna.

It would be cool to have one on the cover or even in the magazine! Wish me luck.

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rebekah said...

As you know, I love these photos! I am so glad they're the ones you submitted. I would wish you luck, but with your talent and skillz (oh yeah, with a "z"), I don't think you need it!

Please remember the little people when you get famous.