Pumpkin Patch

I LOVE Pumpkin Patches. There are none in Louisiana like Burts in Northern GA, but I love them all the same.

Usually, we go to Perilloux Pumpkin Patch in Montz, LA. Yes, I'd never heard of it either. The have a great piece of property right on River Road. The family gets to ride out to the field in tractor drawn wagon and pick out your own pumpkins. sadly, this yeah, Gustav destroyed the vines and the Perilloux's had to import their pumpkins from New Mexico. But, we had fun all the same.

We asked the Bourgoyne's to join us this year. And happily, they did so.

We rode out to the patch with Immaculate Concepcion School. They were the 3 year old pre-pre-K class. Oh my goodness they were the cutest things you ever did see. Our kids looked so huge comparatively.

A lovely day, which did get a bit warm out in the fields. It seems to take so long to select the perfect gourds, I know reality is that it is not too terribly long. As the kids walk farther and farther away from the wagon, images of long walks hauling a few pumpkins spring into your mind unbidden. Luckily, they carried their own. We even named 3 of our 7 selections: Freckles, Scratch and Rapunzel. These kids are hilarious.

The search begins

Braeden finds a good one.

Sam's prize....

Anna and Sam. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of Anna alone with a pumpkin. Maybe I can stage it! Good going MOM!

Neely and Freckles.

And goodness, but you must clean that puppy!

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