2nd Annual Giftie Gather

Well, it was yesterday. We easily doubled our turnout over last year. And sadly, not all of those from last year were able to make it. JoeB is in Canada, Karla in Natchitoches and Liz, scarily is in the hospital with pneumonia. But we had may great additions.

Dixon had made pastalaya for the pig roast last weekend and we served it, white beans and some shrimp and corn soup.

To be honest, I have not taken the opportunity to count the number of folks in my house. Let's just accept MANY. I do know there were 12 kids under 15. If that helps.

We had folks from Seattle come over - Tory and Chuck. A few from Houston - Rachel and Shannon. Dennie came in from Shreveport and Laura from Lake Charles. We also had Opelousas, Lafayette, and New Orleans. And many happy locals made it.

Some food shots:

Lovely cheeses

Lady Fingers

Pastalaya - yummy!

And group shot, this is not everyone, so you get the idea....

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Kirby said...

I went to one of your friend's blogs who also talked about "gifties." What are gifties? Is it a private thing or am I just clueless?