Gorgeous Weather in the South

Oh my goodness, who could ask for better. It is bright, sunny and cool.

Kids could almost wear heavier clothes for Halloween night. Not that they will.

For us, we are busy, of course. I know of no family with kids who are lazing around with nothing to do. We are in the full swing of soccer and looking toward basketball. LSU football, while not a happy weekend, is still in the air. And we LOVE our Tigers.

One of piece of something: making some Christmas cards for some friends. Barbara and I made these:


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Beautiful card. My poor family will be very lucky if I even get some store bought cards out.

Kirby said...

Heavier clothes for that weather? ;-) This will potentially be the first Halloween in 7 years where the temperature is above freezing.