How do you post again when it has been so long.

So we have Gustav, our trip to Orcas, Anna art, first day of school, Coffee Call, tball

Gustav - we fared well. Some roof damage but not so bad.
Orcas - OMG - gorgeous and MUST return one day
Anna is loving art more and more
First day of school. He never even looked back.
We love our Coffee Call!
Sam is such a sporty kid.


spedel said...

OMG your pictures are so beautiful!

We miss you guys! Y'all need to come over for supper one night after next Friday. Cause that's when I take the PE... cross you fingers!

Kirby said...

I LOVE the picture of you laughing!!!!! You have such a beautiful infectious laugh, smile and personality! I need people like you in my life more - having you in my life more would be nice, but not likely due to our locations :-)