I'd no idea what it all meant. I know several years ago, Dad had a 7. I knwo that over a 4 is bad. Radiation later and he was better.

But, then 3 months ago, Mack found out his numbers were 264 - OMG.

Here you go:

PSA test results report the level of PSA detected in the blood. The test results are usually reported as nanograms of PSA per milliliter (ng/mL) of blood. In the past, most doctors considered PSA values below 4.0 ng/mL as normal. However, recent research found prostate cancer in men with PSA levels below 4.0 ng/mL (2). Many doctors are now using the following ranges with some variation:

* 0 to 2.5 ng/mL is low.
* 2.6 to 10 ng/mL is slightly to moderately elevated.
* 10 to 19.9 ng/mL is moderately elevated.
* 20 ng/mL or more is significantly elevated.

So, as you can see, 264 is very bad.

But, today good news. His new levels are in and they are at 21.88. Still significantly elevated but much improved. I am so happy!

I love you, Mack.

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arr-jay said...

This is wonderful news re. Mack's health!