A snow day in South Louisiana, it is true and it happened today - December 11, 2008.

We knew last night that it might snow. but, really, who ever thinks it will snow in S. Louisiana, seriously. But snow it did.

Lovely camellia

We got our first text around 6. My children have NEVER dressed more quickly or excitedly. They were out the door in less than 2 minutes, well, maybe 5. School wasn't officially canceled until 730 or so. I was already visiting Kasey to get a hair cut. Let's not mention the small tree that fell on Mack's truck while I was there (see below). Dixon took some excellent shots while I was gone (see above). I then abandoned him again to run and try and take a picture at the branch. Sadly, the weather was a bit more slushy and I didn't get a good shot. But, more of my travel story below.

Tree before:

Tree after:

I drove through Manchac Plantation to get off the main street.

Some beautiful homes covered in snow there. And, well, street signs, too.

On my leisurely drive, I came across Kip, he was a huge, sweet 90 lb chocolate lab. Kip had run right thought his shock collar fence. Luckily, he did have a tag on, so I called his dad, who came to pick him up. But, not before I decided chocolate labs are sweet as pie. Kip was soaking wet and LOVED the snow. He was running through all the lovely untouched lawns burrowing his nose and body, loving every moment. I am so lucky he had a collar or Dixon and I would not be speaking and we'd have ANOTHER dog!

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