Casey, it is a good picture!

The elders, shh, don't tell them

Transformers can transfix a man in 5 seconds or less.

Sam had, as usual, all the girls attention.


Clare and Jezebel

Anna found a tree to climb


Sarah and John


I love the gatherings of the Cole's. They are such a wonderful time to catch up. It is a time I am reminded of how much I love each and every one. Sadly, not everyone was in town, but we had a great turn out.

Sam and Mae played well together. She bossed him around and he did her bidding, as it should be in her mind. Jezebel was precious and such a beauty. Next year she will be bossing around, too. I can't wait. Anna focused on tree climbing and playing with the new dog.

Food news: Dixon fried the turkeys, Becky smoked a ham (awesome), Mallorie made the roles and cookies, John brought some kind of pumpkin upside down thing, Paula made a killer pie, which would put you into sugar shock just by touching it, Sarah made the broccoli casserole and someone made the grape thing. We also took brownies (at Casey's request) and fudge.

Thank you all and I love you. Miss those who couldn't be there, you were sorely missed. We are truly blessed to have this family.

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