I meant to tell you. Tuesday we were going to buy our Christmas tree. We went with some family friends. So, the girls were all in one car: myself, my friend, Barbara, her daughter, Neely and Anna (the boys in another). We were going through the 'I'm starving ' routine. I told Anna and Neely if they were good we could all got to dinner after wards and if not, we just head home. Anna said, 'Mommy, why do you make me so indignant?' What? My 8-year old just accused me of making her indignant. I asked her if she knew what it meant and I will admit, she did. Barbara and I looked it up to make sure. I was thinking infuriated and incensed. Anna was thinking mad, angry and annoyed.

It makes her mad that I immediately accuse them of being bad even before they are. Seriously, I did not but that is her perception.

But, back to the main topic, she learned this word reading. But, she doesn't like to read. She wants to be smart like a friend of hers. I try and try to explain, she is, but would be even more so if she read more. We shall see. Perhaps her indignation at my chastisement will encourage her to read more.

Is it wrong to say, wow, that may be scary what she will pop out with then.

This is also the child who screams, 'Save the Frogs.' But that as they say is another story.

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