Photography challenge

Gaining perspective.

Challenge: to grab your camera and gain a new perspective!! We all tend to take pictures straight on, from our eye level. Now's the time to grab a chair and get a bird's eye view or lay on the floor and see what the world looks like for a baby just learning to crawl. You can also use perspective to dramatically show something's size. Shoot from below to accentuate an object's height or peer from high above to emphasize it's smallness. This challenge is gonna require you to move around...a lot! Crouching, kneeling, climbing...are you ready? Ok then, go get your camera and show us what you can do with it!!

I love pictures. Here are a few of mine for the challenge.

Sam: love the tongue with sound....

Then he decides to 'help'

We followed up with a visit to a party Anna was having in the play room

This is from today. Sam and I picked Anna up from her sleepover and visited 'OUR" favorite place: STARBUCKS.

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Dorothy said...

That first one would make a good painting.