I know, I know I have been remiss and the last posts are blah.

I am still blah, but.... FOOTBALL season begins this weekend, so I will feel much better soon.

But, what about us? Well, crazy is a small word to describe my world. I have changed jobs officially. DH is changing jobs in a few weeks. Anna is in public school, shocking to us, I must say. She loves her teacher but still is struggling on the attitude and mouthy-side side. Sam is Sam Cole and that says it all! He is no longer SamBoy, I guess that is a good move.

We are biking each evening. DH got me a lovely new bike... it kicks a$$. He is jealous and may get something similar. Sam is almost too big for his bike but we hope to stretch is until Christmas. We raised the seat and handlebars last night. I have never seen such short little legs go so fast as watching Sam pedal. He is amazing with that little bike. Anna is also riding faster and faster. I so enjoy watching them grow.

As an aside, my dad had knee replacement surgery yesterday and is doing well.

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