Just us girls

OK, I know it is an awful picture, but I like the randomness of it... I think it fits us well

Laura and I at the bats:

Laura and Casey on the way to dessert at Manny Hattan's, all you need to know is The Carnegie Deli Cheesecake with Topped w/ Fruit Strawberry or Blueberry (get it on the side and get both) and Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake. Just yummy!

And us, after dessert and 15 pound heavier but happy, very, very happy:

Thank you girls, I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see you both again. Sooner this next time!


shirley said...

Oh, I love getting together with the girls!! Looks like a fab-tastic time!!

SHIMER said...

Okay--I am SO glad that my shirt was not showing ANYTHING and thank goodness for the "safety pin"...I LOVE the pic's...

casey said...

Man, that topping was just DIVINE. I miss you...want to move to Austin?