Austin City Limits

No, I didn't go to a show, but I had a fabulous time in Austin!

I stayed with Laura and loved the new house! We went to Threadgills for dinner and then down to see the bats.

My only decent bat picture:

Some random bat facts:

*The bats provide a valuable service to the Austin community by consuming between 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of insects nightly! There was no mosquito in site, I loved that!
*Bats can live to be 30 years old.
*Mother bats give birth to a single pup each year. The pups birth weight is nearly 1/3 that of its mother.
*Bats are mammals and nurse the pups from mammary glands. Each female recognizes her pups voice and smell and will nurse only her pup.
*During migrations to Mexico and back, bats may reach an altitude of 10,000 feet and velocities of 60 miles per hour.

I would LOVE to live there. I was even offered a desk from some of the big-wigs there. How is that for AWESOME!

The Grand Opening was fun. I have a couple of shots from there:

This is me and Abby Grace - isnt' she a dream. She worse a little classic pooh dress:

Here is Laura, not so sure about the Abby Grace thing....

We had ice cream at Amy's, can you say AWESOME!

Davis shows it best:

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