It is such a mean word. I don't like it. I am that word. Or is that word me? I dislike this word because of me or that I am the word? I know, makes no sense. But, so does the fact that I can so lose weight but can't seem to quit eating. I even eat alot of healthy stuff but too much of anything(except celery) is a bad thing.

I have a nutritionist. She is awesome, amazing and wonderful. But, I am not losing. It is not her fault, it is my own. I am angry at me.

I need to exercise more. Excuses are the key to this failure. I have the best. Laundry, kids, dark, hot.... you name it.

When will I worry more about my health that the issue of the moment. I need to walk, to move.... to something.


Kay said...

When you can say it, it loses power over you. You are so much more than a number on the scale.

casey said...

Shannon, "fat" is not you. You are beautiful, inside and out-- I'm not sure what the eating is trying to fill up, or what space you're trying to lose when you eat. Once you find that, I bet the eating drops. HUGS HUGS and prayers. I love you.

Kay said...

You need a new post. This one is depressing you.

How about BEAUTIFUL? That's who you are - inside and out.