Seriously, who was the genius making sliding pants white?! These are kids -- BOYS at that. They can't stay in a 'clean' room and stay clean. My child can get dirt on him and never move off the seat.

I know the decision maker on these pants WASN'T a mom or the guy who washes the heck out of those pants after games. My kid has ground in mud, grass, and other unknown icks into his new sliding pants. I use spray-n-wash, oxy-clean, bleach, and even dawn. Most of the yuck does get removed with a hot wash. HOWEVER, there is always SOME left over. I know, I know, it shows he plays and enjoys and has fun. I know, I don't want them sparkling white, but black or dirt colored pants aren't an option!?

Sigh, I am not the best laundress, but boy, he likes dirt. So, we will have dirty pants, yell, scream, cheer for both sides when a play is good, encourage, burn in the sun, sweat to death, get eaten by mosquitoes, eat popcorn, sip an Icee, laugh and love the day.

Of course, if we are ever in the majors this is the goal, isn't it?

Dirty pants show your efforts and that you have your eye on the goal! We may never make the majors, but we will play with all the heart and love of the game every practice, very game, and every time we just have a catch. We love the game. GEAUX!

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