Photo 364

1/26 when pets got bad

I read a few weeks back about a girl who took a picture a day for the past 4 years. She prints them out and put them in albums... I decided to give ti a try. So, as not to bore my facebook friends, I will post here.

I started on January 20 (and even figured out my date on my camera was wrong a few days after)

1/20 My first photo, appropriately food based! Taco Truck and not bad, I say!

1/21 2011 Abita Strawberry is wonderful and ready in stores...

1/22 Matt Lane... such a precious face.

1/23 Jax in motion, ready to leap onto the forbidden counter - AGAIN!

1/24 My beautiful, A!

1/25 Laughing with Abandon

1/26 Road Construction in BR

1/27 Gunnar waiting for Callie

1/29 St. Louis Cathedral, NOLA

1/30 St Patrick's Church, NOLA

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