Ellie is my old lady, my sweetheart, my love. I picked her out as a pup. She was 3 weeks old when I picked her up and she talked to me. rrr rrr rrrrrrr, she was telling me all about it.

She was the most precious puppy. The perfect lab pup! I love her so much. She is 13 and a half.

Funny, today is my old dog, Ruger's birthday. We had him when I was a kid. He was an incredible dog. He would gladly let a robber in but he'd never let him out. He died my senior year of high school. I swear Ruger and Ellie are related somehow.

El, short for Ellie Sue (LSU, work with me people), is a love. She tolerates the kids and the younger pups. She will play ball until she falls over. She will tell you and the kids when it is time for bed. She is the alpha now that we lost Brook-Lyn. She took charge begrudgingly and with grace. She has done most things with grace. Her eyebrows tell epics stories and her tail can swipe any table of items. Her patience with us in general is great, but her jealousy is palatable. She hates others to get hugs and kisses unless she is involved. She can bark on command, but we forgot to teach her the command to stop.

She is truly a gift.

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