Its been awhile

Sorry to be away so long. I have done plenty but not alot to show for it.

I have been working on scrap stuff.... still organizing and trying to get stuff in some semblance of order and cohesion. We shall see, if and when I make it.

The family is great. We went off to Ferriday for a Cole gathering and it was lovely. Couldn't stay long enough but the short time we were there was wonderful!

I got on the scale. I have avoided this little menace in my life... it plagues me and hates me, obviously. I will resolutely get on each day and see progress.... in some degree and in hopefully a more downward trend. I will try and joy down more of what I eat. I have become lax in that and lax in what I AM actually eating. My own fault, I am good with that, but will strive for the better.

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