Happy Bastille Day


Bastille Day is a National holiday in France. It is very much like Independence Day in the United States because it is a celebration of the beginning of a new form of government.

At one time in France, kings and queens ruled. Many people were very angry with the decisions made by the kings and queens.

The Bastille was a prison in France that the kings and queens often used to lock up the people that did not agree with their decisions. To many, it was a symbol of all the bad things done by the kings and queens. So, on July 14, 1789, a large number of French citizens gathered together and stormed the Bastille.

Just as the people in the United States celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the beginning of the American Revolution, so the people in France celebrate the storming of the Bastille as the beginning of the French Revolution. Both Revolutions brought great changes. Kings and queens no longer rule. The people rule themselves and make their own decisions.

Found some great French Cocktails for the event:

French Revolution

1 oz. brandy
2 oz. framboise
3 oz. Champagne

Mix ingredients in a flute. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Marie Antoinette

1 splash strawberry liqueur
1 splash Cointreau
1 splash calvados
1 splash fresh lemon juice
4 oz. Champagne

Combine all ingredients, except Champagne, in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a flute and slowly add the Champagne.

Cafe de Paris Cocktail

1 1/4 oz. gin
1 tsp. Pernod
1 tsp. Half-and-Half
1 egg white

Combine all with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

not bad!

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Yummy post! I'm going to save those recipes for after the baby is born.