Interesting site I found today called the Sunday Scribblings, I may try this and then give them my posts that way, I can get the feel before putting it all out there.

I love being barefoot... Really, give me some comfy cotton socks and I am fine. But shoes, that is tougher for me. I am NOT a high heel person. Maybe it is because I am tall and my husband is short (not so much short but not tall either, KWIM). I mean, I wore keds to my wedding. We glued cute little half pearls on it to dress them up, but still keds. Comfy white and short.

Other my favorite shoes of the past and why:

My old corduroy shoes from high school: silly really but my boyfriend at the time loved them. Basically, keds that were cords.

Flip flops.... Goes without saying doesn't it. We are a flip flop family. All of us wear them.

Crocs, I like them. I haven't bought them for myself, but Aunt Bobbie gave me the pair I have... comfy is the word!

But then, for me, comfort is the word for shoes. I went on a business trip Wednesday and brought flip flops and some dressier shoes. The girl I traveled with brought flat and then pumps that hurt her feet. She put those pumps on and wore them during the meeting. I mean really, who looks under the table to see what shoes you are wearing. I know, what you are thinking, women can and do. But, that is simply not me. I am more casual than once I supposed.

Give me comfort and those are great shoes.

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