How does it happen

You plan for a nice, busy, yet realxed day at home and you end up running the roads and crazy.

Today is the perfect example. Aside from my rise and shine at 6:30 from Sam, I was looking forward to a laundry and set aside clothes for packing day. Opps! Forgot the recital. Well, ok, that won't take too long right...................

Oh but no, but I step ahead. Anna broke a dining room chair.... how, you may ask. I think they are simply old and now prone to colapse. So, we thought to leave Sam with ABJ a bit early and shop.

We did just that, dropping him at 11:30, thanks again BJ.

Target had a VERY similar one:

So happy day in that department. Of course, they only had 2 and not the 4 we need, but a start none the less.

So off to the recital, traffic a serious mess. Long way around, probably saved us some time. Emily and Erin did wonderful but still didn't get back to the house until 5. Sam was swimming. So, Anna wanted to as well.

Yawn.... piles of clothes on the bed. Will work on that soon.

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