Sam's First Deer

I know many don't like to see or talk of such things, if you are one, scroll past the next little bit. I only added a few bloody pictures. But, we are proud of Sam. Sam thinks he is now the Great Hunter. Anna is also a bit jealous. Her turn is next year, ok, Uncle Ben? Special thanks to Mr. Clay, who was awesome enough to let them hunt with him at his camp. Thank you!

The blooded shot. One of those hunting things, I guess, but a requirement.

The right after shot before the one above, but this one is my favorite. Needless to say, Sam had not been warned and was VERY upset. After a few tears and the anticipation of being able to get Anna at her first kill, we got the above.

In the woods, Dixon said the buck was very patient waiting to be killed, since it took forever for Sam to be calm enough to allow the sight to stay on the deer when Dixon had lined up the shot. Sam did pull the trigger.

In the blind, waiting for the hunt to be over.

Not sure who is the proudest - what's your vote.

Anna was pretty excited, too.

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